Minutes Calculator: See How Many Minutes are Between Two Times

Below is a minutes calculator. Use the inputs and enter a starting time and an ending time, then hit 'Calculate'. […]

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Dow Jones Return Calculator, Dividends Reinvested

On this page is a Dow Jones return calculator for investment returns on the Dow Jones Industrial Average with a […]

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Treasury Return Calculator, With Coupon Reinvestment

The Treasury Return Calculator below uses long run 10-year Treasury Data from Robert Shiller to compute returns based on reinvesting […]

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S&P 500 Return Calculator, with Dividend Reinvestment

Calculate the total return on the S&P 500 between two dates including reinvested dividends and inflation.

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Average American Credit Card Debt by Generation, Income, and Percentile

The average American household carried a $2,768 credit card balance in 2023. That debt was concentrated, however – the median household carried […]

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American Debt Statistics – Debt by Generation, Income, Type, and More

In 2022, the average American household carried $126,863.50 in debt. The median American household had $31,760 in debt, and the top 10% of households ranked by […]

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Date Duration Calculator: Years, Months, and Days Between Two Dates

Use the date duration calculator to see the years, months, and days between two dates you input. Time Duration Between […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 1/14/2024

Happy New Year! Welcome back to all of you who have been subscribed for a while, and welcome to those […]

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Income by City Calculator and Statistics by City

In this post, find an income by city comparison calculator and statistics such as average income by city and median income by city for […]

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Income by Education: Average, Top One Percent, Median, and Percentiles

Below, find United States average individual income by education and median individual income by education in 2023. Per tradition, also […]

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