Accredited Investors vs. Qualified Clients vs. Qualified Purchasers

In the United States, there are regulation-driven investor classifications that dictate how private funds work – and, importantly, who can invest in those funds. The three most important investor classifications are the accredited investor, the qualified client, and the qualified purchaser. Depending on fund requirements, these categories limit private investments to somewhere between 2% and 10% of American […]

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How Many Qualified Purchasers Are There in America?

Based on data from 2020, we estimate 1,956,090 households in the United States, or 1.5% of households, were qualified purchasers. By our estimates, that's 14.3% as many households as accredited investors and 30.6% as many households as qualified clients. Qualified purchasers held roughly $38.47 trillion in total wealth in 2020. According to estimates from the 2019 Federal Reserve SCF, that's around 40.0% […]

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How Many Qualified Clients Are There in America?

Based on net worth in 2020, we estimate that 6,398,420 US households, or 4.97% of all households, were qualified clients. Nearly half (~46.8%) of all accredited investor households were also qualified client households. Further, qualified client households controlled about $62.0 trillion in wealth. Per the 2019 SCF, that translates to 64.5% of all private household wealth in the United States and 84.5% of accredited investor wealth. […]

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APY to APR Calculator – What Would the APR Be?

On this page is an annual percentage yield to annual percentage rate or apy to apr calculator. Sometimes you have an APY, or annual percentage yield, and need to compare to an APR, or annual percentage rate. APR does not tell you the true cost of debt or a loan since it isn't compounded; one way to […]

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APR to APY Calculator – What Will it Cost a Year?

On this page is an annual percentage rate to annual percentage yield or apr to apy calculator. The bank will only quote an APR for many financial products, not the actual yield you'll pay if you go through with the loan or mortgage – the annual percentage yield (APY). This tool will let you convert an APR to an APY to compare to […]

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Future Value Calculator – The Value of a Series of Investments

Here you'll find a future value calculator, which allows you to model the growth of an investment over time. Enter assumptions about what you'll invest, how fast it'll grow, and how quickly you'll reinvest or withdraw, and the tool will model the investment's potential. Future Value Calculator Using the Future Value Calculator This future investment modeler […]

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Bank CD Calculator – What Will Your Investment be Worth?

Below is a bank CD calculator, which lets you estimate how much interest you'll receive from a planned (or current!) CD investment. Enter a few details about your Certificate of Deposit and we'll let you know how much it will pay out when it matures. Certificate of Deposit Calculator Using the Bank CD Calculator For the […]

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Gas Mileage Calculator – What's the Fuel Efficiency?

On this page is a fuel efficiency or gas mileage calculator, which lets you estimate what fuel efficiency a vehicle achieved by entering some details about a trip. Simply enter how far the vehicle drove, flew, or otherwise traveled and the number of gallons it used over the trip and we'll do the rest. Use […]

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Fuel Cost Calculator – How Much will the Trip Cost?

On this page is a fuel cost calculator, which lets you estimate the cost of fuel you'll spend on a trip. Enter the trip distance, your cost of fuel, and your vehicle's fuel efficiency and the tool will guess how much you'll spend to power your trip. Fuel Cost Calculator Using the Fuel Cost Calculator […]

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Ethereum Return Calculator with Inflation Adjustment

Below you'll find an Ethereum return calculator. Enter dates in a range between August 7, 2015 and yesterday, and the tool estimates the annual and total return on money invested in Ethereum. Enter your starting investment value, and the Ethereum tool will guess the investment value on the final date. Optionally, adjust the Ethereum price return and the final price […]

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