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Tobin's Q – Definition and History for the US Stock Market

This page computes the Tobin's Q Ratio for the United States stock market. It provides a historical Tobin's Q graph and summary statistics, including average, median, minimum, and maximum for the indicator. Tobin's Q for the United States What is Tobin's Q? Tobin's Q, or the Tobin Q Ratio, is the market value of a […]

Buffett Indicator: Is the Stock Market Overpriced?

This page computes and graphs the Buffett Indicator valuation or stock market capitalization to GDP ratio for the United States. It provides a historical Buffet Indicator graph and current value, plus the median, minimum, maximum, and average value for the indicator. You can use either the Federal Reserve's estimates for outstanding equity value in America or the Wilshire 5000 […]

Bond Duration Calculator – Macaulay and Modified Duration

On this page is a bond duration calculator. It will compute the mean bond duration measured in years (the Macaulay duration), and the bond's price sensitivity to interest rate changes (the modified duration). You can input either the market yield or yield to maturity, or the bond's price, and the tool will compute the associated […]

Bond Yield to Put (YTP) Calculator

On this page is a bond yield to put calculator. It automatically calculates the annual yield earned on a puttable bond assuming you put it back to the issuer at the first possible time. Importantly, it assumes all payments and coupons are on time (no defaults). Also, find the approximate yield to put formula. Like […]

Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator – Is it Worth Your Investment?

Here you'll find a tax equivalent yield calculator, sometimes called a TEY calculator. When presented with investments that are free from taxation at the state, federal, and/or local level, you can use your tax rate to determine the equivalent taxable yield using this tool. Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator Current Yield to Maturity Calculator Inputs Investment […]

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