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On this page you’ll find a vast collection of investment calculatorseconomics calculators, health calculators, and finance calculators we’ve created over the past decade.

Better understand complex topics by providing your own inputs to comparisons and visualizations. See net worth, income, investment returns, and all sorts of basic finance calculators. If you’re in the mood, you can even estimate your relationship length and compare your body measurements to Americans as a whole.

We hope you enjoy using these interactive tools as much as we enjoyed making them. Oh – and we take requestsGet in touch.

Investment Calculators

Our major issue with financial media is the failure to consider dividend reinvestment when quoting index price returns. Another issue? Inflation adjustment – you’ll find both features on most of our investment calculators. Along with automatic updates, and (sometimes) periodic investment and even tax and fee estimates.

As for what we’ve built, we’ve got you covered – included are DRIP calculators for individual stocks, S&P 500 returns, Dow Jones returns, Bitcoin returns, corporate bond returns (of various grades), and all manner of other commodity and index return calculators.

Individual Stock and Company Valuation Calculators

Calculators for individual stock returns (and reinvested dividends) or various forms of stock valuation.

Other Investment Calculators

Historical simulations, periodic re-investment tools, and other investment calculators that just didn’t fit somewhere else.

Income Calculators

Income is our most popular topic – people love to compare salaries and see the top 1% in the country by various breakdowns. These calculators let you explore the United States income distribution, or size up job offers and area demographics in different states and cities.

Net Worth Calculators

Income is what you earn, but net worth is what you’ve kept. The net worth calculators break down net worth with and without a house, and also dig into other specific forms of wealth.

Economics Calculators

These calculators show demographics, simulate economic models, model taxes, or compute the effects of inflation.

Personal Finance Calculators

Economics and investment calculators are useful to see the distribution of resources and model past results. Personal finance calculators, on the other hand, help you examine your own situation.

Health Calculators

While many things are replaceable, you only get one body in this life. These health calculators help you compare your physical health as well as see the distribution for the United States.

BMI Calculators

BMI, or Body Mass Index, is a ratio between height and weight that roughly can sort people into healthy or unhealthy body status.

Body Fat Percentage Calculators

Body fat percentage is a superior method to BMI which estimates health status by isolating the amount of body fat a person carries on their body.

Height and Weight Calculators

Height and weight are – well, the single dimension of height and weight for a human. Enjoy!

Math Calculators

Math is the primary reason for calculators in the first place – probably followed by applied mathematics calculators for military purposes. These calculators give you quick answers to common math and geometry questions.

An Extensive – and Growing – Online Calculator Collection

There are quite a few calculators and interactive tools here on DQYDJ. We’re nowhere near finished with this collection, though. Hopefully over time this page will become even more unwieldy: finance calculators for days!

We’re also serious about taking calculator requests. It’s all just a little bit of JavaScript and some Python, PHP, R or Excel to prepare the data – the true creativity comes in dreaming up the next interactive tool to create.

Help us out by sending us your ideas. Either way, we hope you enjoyed the tools and calculators!

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