Decimal to Fraction Calculator

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Below is a decimal to fraction calculator. Enter a decimal and the tool will attempt to find the simplest fraction representation of the number.

Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Convert a Decimal to a Fraction

If you have a decimal, it it expressed as a number "compared" to 1. To start, you can divide any number by 1 – you're then left with the same number.

However, you're probably looking for a simple fraction (also known as common fraction or vulgar fraction). In a simple fraction, both the numerator (top) and denominator (bottom) are integers.

So, to convert a decimal to a common fraction, you should first write the denominator as a 1 and leave the decimal in the numerator. Then, multiply the top and bottom by a number which leaves both as integers. Here's an example:


Decimals vs. Percentages

Percentages and decimals are closely related. A percentage is just shorthand for the ratio of a whole – you just multiply a decimal by 100 to get a percentage:


Although this is a relatively straightforward step, it still means you need to keep the conversion in your head when doing the math. To skip that, you can try our fraction to percent or percent to fraction calculator.

Using the Decimal to Fraction Calculator

To use the decimal to fraction calculator, enter a decimal in the Decimal field at the top of the tool. Then, hit the Convert Decimal to Fraction button and we'll convert and simplify a resulting fraction.

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