Percent to Fraction Calculator

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Below is a percent to fraction calculator. Enter a percentage and the tool will attempt to convert it to the closest simplified fraction it can find.

Percent to Fraction Calculator

Convert a Percentage to a Fraction

A percentage is a number which represents a fraction out of 100. When you say, for example, "25%" you are really saying 25 out of 100:


That's true for all manner of percentages – including percentages under 1%, and percentages over 100%.

Unlike when you convert a fraction to a percent, converting a percentage to a fraction isn't as straightforward. Simply moving your percentage to the numerator (top number in a fraction) and putting "100" in the denominator (bottom number in a fraction) doesn't mean you have the simplest form of the fraction.

For example, "25/100" isn't the simplest way to write a fraction:

  1. Write the fraction as integers (multiply both numbers by until that's the case)
  2. Find the greatest common divisor, or GCD
  3. Divide the numerator and denominator by the GCD

Finding the greatest common denominator is beyond the scope of this post. The tool, internally, uses Euclid's Algorithm to find the GCD and return a fraction.

Not quite the right tool? Convert a fraction to decimal or a decimal to fraction. Or, try our other calculators.



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