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Below is a years between calculator or a years difference calculator. Enter a start date and an end date and we'll automatically count the years and days between the start and end date.

Years between two dates calculator

Using the years difference calculator

This calculator is designed to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the time between any two given dates. Here’s how you can use this versatile tool:

  • First Date: Enter the start date from which you want to begin the calculation.
  • Second Date: Enter the end date up to which you want to calculate the time span.

After entering both dates, click the blue Calculate Years Difference button. The calculator will then display the total years and the remaining days between these dates.

Screenshot of the years between calculator.
Look at the tool computing the years between two dates - nice!

Understanding the calculation

The calculator counts every day starting from the first date but does not include the last date in its calculation. This method ensures that the calculation is precise, whether the dates span multiple months or years (or even leap years).

Accounting for leap years

The calculator automatically includes leap years in the calculation. This feature makes sure the calculation is accurate across any span that includes February 29 (including if it happens, you know, more than once!).

Order of dates

The calculator is flexible and allows you to enter dates in any order. It will accurately compute the time between them, regardless of their sequence.

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