Years Calculator: How Many Years Between Two Dates

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Below is a years between calculator. Enter a start date and an end date and we'll automatically count the years and days between the start and end date.

Years Between Two Dates Calculator

Using the Years Between Calculator

To compute the distance in years between two dates, fill out the top two inputs:

  • First date: Enter the start date for the math
  • Second date: Enter the end date for the calculation
Year calculator after running the tool on two dates 20 years apart.
Year calculator result for two dates 20 years apart.

Next, hit the blue 'Calculate Years Difference' button. You'll quickly receive one result:

  • Time Between: The difference between the two dates including both the year difference and the number of remainder days. Lets you answer how many years are there between these two dates.

How does the tool add up the days?

The year calculator starts by counting the entire first day, but doesn't count the ending date.

Try it: enter the day and the next date and you'll get '1', not '2' or '0' days in between.

Does the year calculator include leap years?

Yes, it sure does. Years are abstractions though, so unless you try to deliberately bracket February 29 in a leap year you might not even know a leap year is in the calculation.

However, leap years are in the tool. If you see a day difference that looks "off by one", it's actually correct and you're seeing the extra leap year day counted.

Does the first date have to come before the second?

Nope. Set them in either order you'd like, or even set them to the same date – the tool will figure it out.

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