Day of the Year Calculator

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On this page is a day of the year calculator. It has two modes:

  • Enter a date and we'll compute which day of the year it is
  • Enter the day of the year and we'll find the date it falls (or fell) on

Day of the Year Calculator

Using the Day of the Year Calculator

There are two modes for the calculator. You can either go from a date to the number of the year, or go from the number of the year to a date.

Let's take a look at both.

Compute Day of the Year from a Date

To compute the day of the week for any date:

  • Date to Find Number: Enter a date where you'd like to know the day number of the year

Then, simply hit the Calculate Day of Year from Date button. You'll quickly see the result in the Day of the Year box, which will show the day of the week as well as the day number of the year.

Compute Date from a Day of the Year

To compute the date for a day of the year and year combination:

  • Day Number of the Year: The date for the day of year to find
  • Year: The year to do the math

Follow that up by hitting 'Calculate Day of Year'. After that, we'll return the date for the day you're looking for, as well as the day of the week it falls on.

Screenshot of day of the year calculator showing how to go from number to date or vice versa

Does the calculator include leap years?

Absolutely! A leap year is where you'll get different results for the tool. Also, the day of the week will change each year.

What other calculators do you have?

Plenty. Here are just a few time-based ones:

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