Century Calculator: Compute Centuries Between Two Dates

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Welcome to the centuries calculator. Enter two dates in the inputs, and the tool will calculate how many centuries separate them, plus any extra years and days.

Centuries Calculator Between Two Dates

Using the Century Calculator

To use the century calculator, edit the two 

  • First Date: Enter the date to begin the calculation
  • Second Date: Enter the date the timespan ends

To run the tool, click the blue 'Calculate Century Difference' button. It'll show the output in the text area in the output section:

  • Centuries Between: A count of the days, years, and centuries between your dates.
Sample run of the century difference calculator
Sample run of the century difference calculator

Does the tool care about leap years?

Yes, any math is adjusted for leap years. The tool factors them in internally.

Centuries Between Dates

Hopefully this tool was useful for calculating long distant dates in a straightforward manner. Next, check out some of our other time & date calculators:

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