Date Duration Calculator: Years, Months, and Days Between Two Dates

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Use the date duration calculator to see the years, months, and days between two dates you input.

Time Duration Between Two Dates and Times

Using the Date Duration Calculator

To use the tool to find a date duration between two dates you enter:

  • Date one: Enter the first day of the calculation
  • Date two: Enter the second day of the calculation

Once you're satisfied with the inputs, hit the blue "Calculate Date Duration" button. The tool will then output into the output textbox:

  • Date Duration Calculator Output: A count of the years, months, and days between the two dates you entered.
Date duration calculator input and output example screenshot

Can either date be in the future?

Yes, go ahead enter future or past dates in either input. The tool will figure out the order of the dates and adjust the output for you.

Can date two be before date one?

Yes, enter the two dates in any order. The text in the output will reflect your choices, and knows automatically the order of the two dates.

Is Midnight AM or PM? Is Noon AM or PM?

By tradition, 12:00 PM is noon, and 12:00 AM is midnight.

Can the tool deal with leap years?

Yes, the date duration calculator can deal with leap years. It uses a library which is aware of leap years, and can add a day whenever your calculation crosses a leap year.

Duration Between Two Dates

This tool is useful when you have two discrete dates where you'd like to know the years, months, and days between. Whether you are counting down, or computing a time in the past, hopefully it helps you see the time that elapsed – or will elapse – between the times you care about.

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