Days Since Date Calculator: See the Days from a Start Until a Date

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Here is a days before today or a days since date calculator. Enter a date in history and we will count up the number of days since then.

Days Since Date Calculator

Using the Days Since Date Calculator

To use the tool to find the difference between some past event and today. To get an answer, merely enter:

  • Before Date: Enter the event or time where we should start counting

After that, hit the blue 'Calculate Days Before Today' button. DQYDJ will then hustle to count every day between your start time and... today. Here's what we'll output:

  • Days and Years Before Today: Our calculation of the number of days and years between the start date and today.
  • Days Before Today: Just the raw number of days since your event. It's equal to the above result for years and days (including leap years).
Days since date calculator result for July 8, 2019 start run on July 9, 2019.
Time before the present – well, assuming you ran this on July 9, 2019. Your mileage may vary!

Days Before Today Calculator Questions

Even a tool with only a few inputs can be tricky. Here we answer your questions about the days since date calculator.

Does the days from date calculator include leap years?

Yes, it sure does. If your time-span happens to include a leap year or twenty, don't worry – we'll do the math.

You'll likely see the effects better in the raw day count, not the years and day count. Since year may also include 366 day years it abstracts leap years away.

What happens if you open this tool at midnight?

A glitch in the matrix.

Just kidding. You won't be able to open the tool exactly at midnight, but 'today' for the tool is when the code loads. It is based on your computer clock – so if you open the page at 11:59 PM and the clock rolls over you'll be off by one.

(Or reload after midnight, haha).

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