Fraction to Ratio Calculator

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On this page is a fraction to ratio calculator. Enter your fraction, and we will convert it to a ratio of the form set:not in set, converting from fraction of a whole.

The tool lets you enter a fraction written improperly as a comparison, or properly as a part of a whole group.

Fraction to Ratio Calculator

Convert a Fraction to a Ratio

Fractions and ratios are exactly the same mathematically, but we use them to describe different situations due to tradition. Fractions are almost always used to describe part of a whole. Ratios are usually used to compare two independent numbers, although sometimes are also used on parts of a whole.

For example:

  • In a class, there are 12 boys and 10 girls
  • 12/22 students are boys
  • 12:10 boy to girl ratio
  • (Less commonly) 12:22 boy to student ratio

So, you need to know which ratio and fraction combination you'd like to use the tool. If the fraction is describing a part of a whole, then you need to subtract the numerator to find the part of the set that isn't described. For example:

12/22 students are boys, 10/22 students are girls.

boys:girls = 12:(22-12) = 12:10=6:5


girls:boys = 10:(22-10) = 10:12=5:6

Also, check out the ratio to fraction calculator for more.

Using the Fraction to Ratio Calculator

To use the fraction to ratio calculator, enter the fraction in the Fraction box in the top. Enter your numerator (top) on the left and denominator (bottom) on the right.

Next, explain how your fraction describes the set:

  • Of a whole: Almost always, fractions are written as some number of a whole group.
  • Comparing numbers: In the rare case a fraction improperly describes two unlike numbers, choose this option.

Next, hit the Convert to Ratio button. The tool will then do the math and provide a simplified whole number ratio in the Ratio box.

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