Sleep Calculator: When Should You Go to Bed or Wake Up?

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On this page is a sleep calculator. Enter if you'd like to plan your bedtime or see when to wake up plus how long you need to sleep and the tool will tell you when to go to bed or set your alarm.

Sleep Time Calculator

Using the Sleep Calculator

To use the tool to find the optimal time to wake up (or set an alarm) and time to go to bed. Enter:

  • I want to:
    • Wake up at: If you would like to see an optimal bedtime
    • Go to bed by: To see when to wake up (or set an alarm)
  • And sleep for: Enter the hours and minutes you'd like to (or need to!) sleep.

Next, click the blue 'Calculate Sleep' button. Depending on your input, we'll tell you either when to wake up or set an alarm, or instead when to go to bed. The field name will change depending on you inputs, and the field will tell you how to plan your sleep.

Is Midnight AM or PM? How About Noon?

12:00 AM is midnight and 12:00 PM is noon.

Calculating Sleep Timing

We all know how important it is to sleep – there's got to be a reason we spend between 1/4 and 1/3 of our lives doing it!

However, it's often difficult to properly plan your sleep when you have things to do one evening, or early plans. Based on how long you normally sleep and the times you need to wake up or will be getting to bed, this sleep duration calculator can help optimize your rest.

Hopefully you get some excellent rest and you enjoy the tool! Good night.

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