Doubling Time Calculator

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On this page is a doubling time calculator. Enter a rate of return in percentage form, and the tool will tell you how many periods at that rate of return it'll take something to double.

Doubling Time Calculator

Doubling Time Formula

The doubling time formula is:

doubling\ time=\frac{\ln(2)}{\ln(1+rate)}

Where rate is the percentage increase you expect per period, expressed as a decimal (for example, 5% would be ".05"). Doubling time, then, is the number of those periods it'd take for a quantity to double.

Using the Doubling Time Calculator

The doubling time calculator has a fixed endpoint, so merely enter how quickly an investment or quantity is appreciating. If you enter a negative return, the calculator will let you know how many periods in the past the amount was twice as high assuming a constant negative return.

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