Percentage Slope to Degrees Calculator

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On this page is a percentage slope to degrees calculator, which will return a measurement in degrees when you start with a percentage slope (for example, the slope of a hill, ramp, or treadmill.)

Percentage Slope to Degrees Calculator

Formula for Converting Percentage Slope to Degrees

The formula for converting a percentage slope to degrees starts with converting percentage slope to radians, using the inverse tangent. Then, convert the radians to degrees:

slope\ in\ radians=arctan(slope\ in\ percentage) \\ \\
slope\ in\ degrees=slope\ in\ radians*\frac{180}{\pi}

Using the Percentage Slope to Degrees Calculator

To use the percentage slope to degrees calculator, determine the percentage slope of the object you'd like to convert. This might be listed on a sign or marker for something like a road, railway (known as grade or percentage grade), or as a configurable setting on something like a treadmill. Then, click the Calculate Degrees button to complete the conversion.

To perform the inverse operation, try our degree slope to percentage slope calculator.

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