Percent Decrease Calculator: How Much Did it Go Down?

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On this page is a percent decrease calculator. Enter your starting amount and a lower ending amount and the tool will tell you how much the decrease is before the second and first value.

Percent Decrease Calculator

What is the Percent Decrease Formula?

The percentage decrease formula is:


Subtract the final number from the first number (you'll be left with a negative number). Next, divide the initial number. After multiplying by 100, you'll be left with a negative percentage – that tells you how much the decrease is between the initial and final.

Percent Decrease Formula Example

Now, let's work through an example of computing a percentage decrease. If your initial number was 100 and your final number was 50, that's a 50% decrease.

Here's how it works:

(\frac{50-100}{100})*100 \\ \frac{-50}{100}*100\\-.5*100=-50\%

Using the Percent Decrease Calculator

To run the calculator, enter the starting number (initial value) then the final number. Then, hit the 'Calculate' button to run the math and return a percentage.

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