Leap Year List Calculator: Find leap years in any range

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Introducing the Leap Year List Calculator, a handy tool designed to identify all the leap years within a specified range. Simply enter a start and end year, and the calculator will list all the leap years in between.

Leap Year List Calculator

Using the Leap Year Calculator

This tool is simple to use:

  • Start Year: Enter the beginning year of your desired range.
  • End Year: Enter the final year of your range.

After inputting the years, click the blue Calculate Leap Years button. The calculator will then display a list of all leap years within the specified range.

The leap year list calculator in action
Screenshot of the leap year list calculator computing leap years from 1840 to 2028.

Understanding Leap Years

Leap years are those years that are divisible by 4, except for end-of-century years, which must be divisible by 400. This adjustment keeps our calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year.

Leap\ Year\ =(year \mod 4 = 0\ and\ year \mod 100 \neq 0) \text{ or } (year \mod 400 = 0)

Why do we have leap years?

Leap years are used to help synchronize the calendar year with the astronomical year.

The Earth takes approximately 365.2425 days to orbit around the Sun. However, for various reasons, our calendar year has only 365 days in a common year. If we didn't adjust for this extra time, our calendar would gradually drift away from astronomical events such as the vernal equinox and the winter solstice.

To correct the drift, an extra day could be added every four years as February 29. This adjustment would make the average calendar year length 365.25 days, which is very close to the solar year. However, that system would add about 3 extra days every 400 years.

To correct the slow drift over centuries, years that are divisible by 100 (century years) are not leap years unless they are divisible by 400. This rule removes three leap days every four centuries, making the calendar align nearly perfectly with the Earth's orbit.

The leap year list calculator

This calculator is useful to know the leap years for planning events, understanding historical data, or any other purpose where knowing whether a year is a leap year might be relevant.

Our leap year list calculator provides a quick and easy way to answer your year length questions by identifying leap years over any given period.

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