Discount Calculator: What's the Price and Discount Savings?

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On this page is a discount calculator, which will find the sale price and total discount based on an initial price and a percentage off. Enter the percent off and initial price to find the sale price and total discount amount.

Discount Calculator

Discounts and Sales

When a sale is expressed as a blanket percentage off, sometimes you have to run the math yourself to find the final price. Instead of showing a final price, stores will show just the starting price with the amount of percentage discount.

This tool will both calculate the final price after percentage sale and the discount you're getting.

What is the Discount Formula?

The discount formula is:

startprice * (\frac{100-discount}{100}) = finalprice

To find the actual discount you realized, then subtract the final price from the initial:


Work through a discount off calculation

Pretend you are shopping for a $2,000 item and it is advertised with a 30% discount.


After a 30% off discount the price would be $1400.Niow, to find the discount amount subtract the final amount from the initial:


A $600 savings! Not bad.

Using the Discount Calculator

To find a final price and savings on an item, enter your Starting Price. After, enter the Discount percentage. Hit Compute Discount.

The result will then show up in the After Discount Price. Also, you'll see the Amount Saved from the sale.

Now, try our other tools. You can see this tool from another angle in the percent off calculator.



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