Percent Off Calculator: How Much Will You Save?

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Below is a percent off calculator, which will compute a sale price after factoring in a percentage off discount. Enter an original price and a percent off discount and the tool will return the final price and the total savings amount.

Percent Off Calculator

Percentage Off Sales

Stores most often discount their items or have sales expressed as a percentage off the original price. While they sometimes will put the value, other times there is a blanket discount which requires you to do the math.

This calculator will help you compute the discount after taking a percent off a starting price.

What is the Percent Off Formula?

The percent off formula is:

startprice * (\frac{100-discount}{100}) = finalprice

Work through a percent off calculation

Let's say that you're looking at an expensive item such as a laptop which normally costs $1,200. Today, you saw that there is a 17% percent off sale.

Here's how to work through the math:


So, today after the 17% off discount the price would be $996. To compute your savings as in the tool, just subtract the final price from the initial price:


So 17% becomes $204 in savings on the laptop. Not bad!

Using the Percent Off Calculator

To compute the final price and your savings on an item or sale, first enter the Starting Price. Next, enter the Discount (in percentage) for the sale. Hit Compute Discount.

The result will appear below. You'll see the After Discount Price you now will pay, plus the Amount Saved off the original.

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