Minutes Between Dates Calculator: Calculate Time Intervals this Minute

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Need to find out the number of minutes between two dates and times? The Minutes Between Dates Calculator is the tool for you.

How to use the minutes between dates calculator

Using this calculator is straightforward. Here’s how to find out the exact number of minutes between two dates and times this minute:

  • Enter Start Date and Time: Input the start date and time in the respective fields.
  • Enter End Date and Time: Input the end date and time in the respective fields.
  • Select Time Zone: Choose the time zone for the calculation. The tool will try to guess your current time zone by default.
  • Calculate: Hit the Calculate button to get the precise number of minutes between the two dates and times.

The results will include the total number of minutes between the specified dates and times.

Screenshot of the minutes between dates calculator.
Calculating minutes between two dates.

Handling special times: Daylight Saving Time, Leap Seconds, and Leap Years

Daylight Saving Time Adjustments

When calculating the minutes between dates that span the shift into or out of Daylight Saving Time (DST), the calculator automatically adjusts for these changes. This ensures that the total minutes reflect the actual time elapsed, accommodating the hour lost or gained during transitions.

Leap Seconds and Leap Years Consideration

The calculator also accounts for leap seconds and leap years, ensuring every second counts.

Leap seconds are added to or subtracted from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to align it with astronomical time. If your time span includes a leap second, it will be factored into the total minutes calculated.

Similarly, leap years, which feature an extra day in February, are automatically included in the calculations. This precision ensures that any period spanning February 29th is accurately measured, providing a detailed and exact duration.

Who benefits from this tool?

Anyone who needs to calculate the exact number of minutes between two dates and times will find this calculator handy – I do. It's particularly useful for:

  • Project managers tracking project timelines.
  • Event planners scheduling events down to the minute.
  • Researchers analyzing time intervals in studies.

For a twist on this tool, try the minutes between clock times tool. I also built a minutes ago and minutes from now calculator.



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