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Manage and calculate weekly work hours with our time card calculator. It's designed for regular and overnight shifts and accurately adds up the hours you've worked in a week.

How to use the calculator

Our time card calculator is user-friendly and designed to accommodate various work schedules, including those that span overnight. Here’s how to use it:

  • Input Work Hours: For each day you worked, enter your start and end times using the 24-hour format.If you did not work a particular day, leave it blank.
    • Overnight Shift? If your work shift extends past midnight, the calculator automatically adjusts to account for the overnight duration. Simply enter an end time 'before' the start time, and the tool will figure it out.
  • Calculate: Click the Calculate Hours button once all relevant times are entered. The calculator will compute the total hours worked for each day and the weekly cumulative hours.

Upon calculation, the tool displays the total hours worked each day in a table format under the Hours Worked column. A Total Hours Worked summary at the bottom of the table shows the total hours worked for the entire week. This breakdown helps you track daily hours and provides a clear view of your weekly work effort.

Time card calculator in action
Example of the time card calculator in action

Who can benefit from the time card calculator?

I wrote the time card calculator to cut through the complexity of some of the similar tools on the internet. Even in this simplified form, I think it can be useful in a wide variety of situations:

  • Employees: Add up your regular and overtime hours to ensure accurate pay.
  • Freelancers: Maintain precise records of work hours for different clients or projects. This calculator is definitely useful for freelancers who juggle multiple gigs and need to manage their time efficiently.
  • Students: Monitor time spent on part-time jobs or internships.
  • Contract Workers: Ensure you're accounting for every hour (and minute!) of work.
  • Remote Workers: Keep track of start and end times – often challenging, in the remote-first world.

With its straightforward design and just-the-right-mix of features, the Time Card Calculator should prove a fantastic tool for anyone needing to track work hours weekly.



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