AAA, AA, and A Rated Corporate Bond Total Return Calculator

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On this page is an investment grade corporate bond return calculator which allows you to compute the total return of investment grade corporate bonds.

It's based on the Bank of America Merrill Lynch US Corporate Master Index for corporate debt in the A to AAA range. It estimates daily returns from 1996 until today, and can adjust for inflation on the CPI index.

For other levels of corporate bond ratings:

Investment Grade Corporate Bond Total Return Calculator

(Note the calculator may load slowly due to the data download the first time you open it daily.)

Sources on the Investment Grade Corporate Bond Calculator

Data is from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Indexes. We grab AAA, AA, and A rated corporate debt from the St. Louis Federal Reserve's FRED .

The CPI inflation adjustment methodology, including interpolation and extrapolation, is available on our original any day inflation calculator.

Safe Corporate Debt

Note: results are for educational and research purposes only. Like any index data, individual bond results will vary from aggregate returns. Returns quoted, even if accurate, don't include transactional costs, taxes, and other sources of error like slippage and buy/sell timing.

Caveats aside, we wanted to make it easy to compare the returns on corporate debt versus other asset classes. If you enjoyed this tool, see our total calculators for the Dow Jones, 10 Year Treasuries, and S&P 500. Or, check out other risks linked in the introduction.



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