Ordering Fractions Calculator: Sort Fractions by Size

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Here is an ordering fractions calculator, which takes a list or mass of fractions and sorts them in ascending or descending order. Enter fractions along with any other type of number and we'll sort them into the order you need.

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Ordering Fractions Calculator

Using the Ordering Fractions Calculator

Into the top box, enter all of your fractions in a:


form. Numerator is the top number in a fraction and denominator the bottom.

You can also enter whole numbers like 1, 2, and 3. Decimals like .23 and 1.75 work as well. Finally, you can enter a percentage such at 56%.

In the Order field, select whether you'd like the numbers in the Ascending (Least to Greatest) or Descending (Greatest to Least) order. Then hit the Calculate Order button and we'll put the fractions and any other numbers into the proper order for you.

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