Comparing Fractions Calculator – Which is Bigger and Smaller?

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Here is a comparing fractions calculator. On this page, you can enter two fractions and the tool will return which one is larger or smaller. It will also alert you when they are the same, or equivalent fractions.

Comparing Fractions Calculator

Why is Comparing Fractions Tricky?

Comparing fractions can be tricky because fractions can have different denominators or bases. While a numerator (the top number) can be deceiving, for many fractions you only know which is larger when you convert the bases to each other.

Since this one can be a bit tricky, we also have a longer ordering fractions tool.

Example of Comparing Tricky Fractions

Let's compare the two fractions in the tool, 6/24 and 1/3. To do this, we want to:

  1. Find a common denominator for both fractions and convert (either the lowest common denominator or lazily multiplying denominators).
  2. Convert both fractions to the common denominator by multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same number.
  3. Compare the resulting denominators – if one is larger, you have your answer. If they are the same, you are looking at equivalent fractions.

Let's try it:

\frac{6}{24} >?<{?}=?\frac{1}{3}\ \ \ \ lowest\ common\ denominator = 12\\~\\ \frac{6}{24}*\frac{.5}{.5}=\frac{3}{12}\\~\\ \frac{1}{3}*\frac{4}{4}=\frac{4}{12}\\~\\ \frac{4}{12}>\frac{3}{12}\ \ (or)\ \ \frac{1}{3}>\frac{6}{24}

How to Use the Comparing Fractions Tool

To use the comparing fractions calculator, enter one fraction into the Fraction One box and another into the Fraction Two box. Then, hit the Which is Larger? button.

At that point, we will highlight the larger fraction in green and write out the larger fraction in the Result box. If the fractions are the same, we'll say so and highlight both fractions in yellow.

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