Greatest to Least Calculator: Sort in Descending Order

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On this page is a greatest to least calculator and organizer, which will take a mixed input of numbers and return the numbers sorted from highest to lowest.

Enter decimals, fractions, whole numbers, and even percentages and the tool will sort your numbers in descending order for you.

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Using the Greatest to Least Calculator

First, enter all of your numbers into the big text box at the top of the calculator. Separate them with any character that isn't a number, percentage sign, or slash ('/').

You can enter:

  • Fractions: 2/3, 4/9, etc.
  • Percentages: 45%, 42.9%
  • Decimals: 1.2, .5
  • Whole numbers: 1, 2

Skip the Order field, unless you'd instead like to order them another way.

When happy, hit the Calculate Order button, and we'll normalize and sort all the numbers that you entered in descending order.

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