Weight Percentile by Age Calculator for Men and Women in the United States

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Below is a weight percentile by age calculator for adult men and women in the United States. Select an age range and sex, and optionally toggle between imperial (pounds) and metric (kilograms) units to view the distribution of weights for American adults.

Weight in isolation isn't a good health indicator. BMI is better (but not perfect) – it's a height and weight based formula estimating health. Try our BMI Calculator to compute it.

Also, try the weight distribution calculator for men and women for the aggregated data from this post.

Weight Percentile Calculator by Age for Men and Women in the United States

Data from adults in the CDC 2015-16 NHANES survey. Weights measured at a mobile examination center (MEC).

Median Weight by Age for Men and Women

Like we mentioned in the aggregated data calculator, don't rely on weight alone for any health judgement. Metabolic syndrome, for instance, relies on weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and other markers for a diagnosis. See a health professional if you have concerns.

Please keep this warning in mind while browsing the below statistics.

Median Weight for Women by Age in the United States

In 2016 in the US, adult women averaged 170.3 lb and had a median of 161.3 lb.

Here's the breakdown for the age ranges in the calculator:

Female AgeMedian Weight (lb)

Median Weight for Men by Age in the United States

Men in the United States 18 or older in 2016  averaged weight of 197.1 lb and had a median of 189.4 lb.

For the ranges in the tool here were the medians:

Male AgeMedian Weight (lb)

Selected Weight Percentiles for Men and Women

Because of height differences, men and women have different percentile breakpoints. The shape of their distributions, however, are similar.

Age also significantly changes weight distributions for both men and women. Here are some selected percentile breakpoints for weight:

Age Category1%10%25%50%75%90%99%
18-24 Men113.3133.9148.6174.2204.2244.8355.4
18-24 Women88.3108.9123.9147.5184.4222.2287.5
25-29 Men112.9138.0154.5178.7215.1253.8336.4
25-29 Women98.3119.2132.2153.6188.4237.9279.4
30-34 Men124.0152.1171.3197.2226.8279.1364.4
30-34 Women99.1118.3137.1157.6200.9230.2295.0
35-39 Men126.2151.3167.6193.7230.2271.7363.7
35-39 Women94.0122.7144.4167.6197.7248.2293.1
40-44 Men114.2156.5174.7198.5223.6261.0324.3
40-44 Women104.5123.1136.9163.5202.9242.7300.6
45-49 Men114.5152.2176.7198.4223.1246.8338.4
45-49 Women97.4125.6143.0163.6201.6233.5363.5
50-54 Men118.4151.6169.1197.5221.4263.6311.0
50-54 Women104.5126.1143.0163.1201.3256.6307.1
55-59 Men124.1142.8165.8189.4224.3271.3317.3
55-59 Women105.7131.4149.4173.0198.3232.1305.5
60-64 Men109.5143.5169.2200.5229.0264.6348.8
60-64 Women102.0118.9140.2167.8206.0253.5303.6
65-69 Men127.2153.6165.7190.7224.2246.6295.5
65-69 Women100.6128.3141.5169.1194.6225.6269.7
70-74 Men109.8153.9169.5187.9215.2255.4301.7
70-74 Women103.5126.1145.3162.7184.7209.2286.7
75-79 Men118.2146.0161.3180.2215.7238.0257.2
75-79 Women101.3113.7131.0155.4176.0212.2269.4
80+ Men106.7138.1152.7173.6196.9223.1266.4
80+ Women71.4107.3123.9143.5164.0189.0236.0

American Weight Distributions by Age for Women and Men

Weight lifter with bar

Height, weight, age, sex, and other things all affect the weight distribution by age.

Disclaimer: Nothing here is medical advice. Consult a doctor, nutritionist, trainer, or other professional with health concerns.

As you can see, along with height and sex, age heavily affects the distribution of weight in the United States. Some of this is the difference in metabolism by age. Unfortunately, some is also survivorship bias - all cause mortality is increased for higher categories of obesity.

Either way, hope the weight percentile calculator by age and accompanying charts were an interesting look at weight in the United States.

Also check out our BMI calculator, BMI distribution by age tool, and BMI distribution for women and men for more.



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