Salary to Hourly Converter: What Are You Paid Hourly?

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On this page is an salary to hourly converter. Enter your salary plus the number of weeks you're expected to work, and the number of hours you work a week. The tool will give you your hourly pay.

Salary to Hourly Converter

Salary to Hourly Formula

The salary to hourly formula is:

hourly\ rate=\frac{salary}{weeks\ worked\ per\ year*hours\ worked\ per\ week}

Salary to Hourly Rate Conversion Example

For example, let's say you make $50,000 a year. You expect to work 52 weeks this year, and you work 50 hours a week:

\frac{\$50,000}{52*50}=\frac{\$50,000}{2600}=\$19.23\ hourly\ rate

Now you can convert between the two.

What would you earn hourly based on your salary?

The two most common ways to be paid are:

  • An annual rate, known as a salary or annual wage (vs.)
  • An hourly rate, billed at the end of a period then paid out

Sometimes it is hard to compare the two – hourly workers may vary over the year, while salaried workers are sometimes inconsistent. Still, if you can guess at the number of weeks you work and your effort in hours, it's straightforward to switch back and forth.

Enter your best estimates of those three variables and we'll return our estimate of hourly rate.

What's a good salary?

It's impossible to say what a great salary is – there are many variables which make it up: your skills, credentials, experience, age, luck, and more. We do have posts which show average and distribution of income and income by age which can help you decide on a job. For a comparison with geography, try our income percentile by city calculator.

Using the Salary to Hourly Converter

To use the salary to hourly rate calculator, enter your actual or best guess for these three values:

  • Salary: Your annual wage
  • Work Weeks per Year: How many weeks you'll work this year
  • Hours Worked per Week: The hours you work a week

Enter those three things into the tool and hit Convert Hourly Pay to Salary and we'll give you an equivalent salary estimate.

Like it? Glad to hear! We have a bunch of other calculators. For the other direction, see the hourly to salary converter.



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