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Below is an age calculator for any date.

By default, the calculator has today pre-filled. You can set the end date to any day in the future or past. You can also see a birthday age calculator more specific for the current date.

Age on Date Calculator

Using the Age on Any Date Calculator

To use the tool to find our any person's – or thing's – age on a day. That day can be any time in the future or in the past. (Well... as long as they weren't born before the date you pick.)

  • Birthday: Enter the date a person was born.
  • Age on Date: Enter the date you'd like us to compute the person's age.

After that, simply press the 'Calculate Age' button. We will then do the math on the person's (or thing's) age on the date you chose.

  • Age On Day: After you hit compute, we'll show you how old the person was on that date - or will be, as the case may be.
Age calculator screenshot showing days or days and years result for a calculation.
Example run of the age on any date calculator.

Age on Any Date Calculator Questions

There are a few moving parts here. Let's discuss some of the questions around the age tool.

How does the counting work?

The calculator counts the birthday as a day, but not the ending date. You'll see this creep up if you choose dates one day apart: the tool will read '1'. Keep this in mind and add a day if you'd like to count the whole ending date.

What does the age on any date calculator say if you pick an age date before birth?

Well... it doesn't really work. Try it, I bet you'll find it fun!

What's a good way to use the age on date tool?

The obvious way to use the calculator is to compute someone's – or your – age today. You'll get results back for both age in years and days, then a count of days.

More interesting, in our opinion, is seeing how old someone will be on some future date. It's a nice way to see an age at some major or special event you have planned in the future.

Date, Time, and our other Age Calculator

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