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On this page is a logarithm calculator. Enter a logarithm base and x, and we'll compute the logarithm.

This calculator can compute logs of base 2, e, and 10. However, for a dedicated calculator please try:

Logarithm Calculator

What is a Logarithm?

A logarithm is an argument x where you have to find a power y to raise x by to equal. Rewritten, it means "how many times do I have to raise a number to equal a second number?". Stated in context, log base 2 of 64 means "What power do I raise 2 to if I want to equal 64?".

A logarithm is the opposite of an exponent. If you knew a base and an exponent, you'd be able to compute a result. When finding a logarithm, you know the base and the result and the logarithm is the exponent value you are looking to find.

Logarithm Formula

The formula for a logarithm is:



  • b: the base of the equation (the number we need to raise to get the result)
  • x: the argument; the number we need to raise b^y to equal
  • y: the exponent or power; the number we need to raise the base to equal

Logarithm Example

For example, let's say you wanted to find the log base 2 of 64. Here's how it'd look:

\log_2(64)\ or\ 2^y=64\\y=6

In this case you need to raise 2 to the 6th power to get 64.

Using the Logarithm Calculator

You only need to enter two numbers to get the logarithm: the base b and the argument x. Enter those to match the "log base b of x" sentence form. For base e you can type in the letter 'e' or try the natural logarithm calculator.

When happy with your input, hit Compute Logarithm.

Afterwards, visit our other tools and calculators.



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