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On this page is a logarithm base 10 calculator. Enter a number to take the decadic or common logarithm, and we'll return the result.

To compute other logarithms, try another calculator or the generic logarithm tool:

Common Logarithm Calculator

What is the Common Logarithm?

The common logarithm is a logarithm which uses base 10. It's also known as the decadic logarithm or simply log base 10.

In the common logarithm, you ask "how many times do you have to raise the number 10 to equal a number x?". In this case, the base b is 10, and fixed for this type of logarithm (similar to log base 2 and natural logarithm calculations).

Common Logarithm Formula

The formula for the common logarithm is:



  • 10: the base of the equation (we raise 10 to the yth power to get x)
  • x: the argument; the number we need 10^y to equal
  • y: the power or exponent we need to find

Note that the common logarithm is written a few ways:

log_{10}(x), log, lg(x), Log(x)

Note that "Log" and "log" are ambiguous; if you are writing something new use a different form. These forms can sometimes mean the natural logarithm, instead.

Decadic Logarithm Example

For example, let's say you wanted to find the log base 10 of 1000. Here's how it'd look:

\log_{10}(1000)\ or\ 10^y=1000\\y=3

In this case you need to raise 10 to the 3rd power to get 1000.

Using the Common Logarithm Calculator

You only need to a single numbers to get the common logarithm: the argument x. Enter that to match a form of "log base 10 of x".

When finished, hit Compute Log Base 10.

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