Age in Seconds Calculator: How Old Are You in Seconds?

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On this page is an age in seconds calculator. Enter your birthday and we'll tell you how many seconds you've been alive.

Age in Seconds Calculator

Using the Age in Seconds Calculator

To use the days until now tool, just enter two inputs:

  • Birthday (in Current Timezone): Enter the date and time you – or someone else – were born (adjusting for the current timezone, if necessary)

Next, hit 'Calculate Seconds Since Birthday'. You'll see two outputs:

  • Seconds Old: A long, spelled out sentence telling you how many seconds a person born on the input birthday has been alive.
  • Seconds Old (Clean): Just the number of seconds without any sentence.

(And don't worry, the tool does factor in leap years.)

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Also, see our other calculators – a page which includes many other time tools.



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