Shareholder Yield Calculator

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On this page is a shareholder yield calculator. Enter the number of shares outstanding currently and twelve months ago to compute the company's buyback yield, plus the security price and dividends paid per share to compute the dividend yield. The tool then adds them together to return the total shareholder yield.

Shareholder Yield Calculator

What is the Shareholder Yield?

Shareholder yield is the total amount a company returns to investors in the form of dividends, plus the effects of share buybacks which leave investors as larger owners of a firm. By adding buyback yield and dividend yield, you calculate the total shareholder yield.

For limitations, read the individual entries for dividend yield and buyback yield.

Shareholder Yield Formula

The shareholder yield formula is the composition of the buyback yield and dividend yield, or:

shareholder\ yield=\frac{shares\ outstanding\ before-shares\ outstanding\ now}{shares\ outstanding\ before}~\\~\\+\frac{annual\ dividend}{asset\ price}


  • Shares outstanding now - the total number of shares of a company now
  • Shares outstanding before - the total number of shares of a company 12 months ago
  • Dividend - the annual amount of dividends paid per share by a security.
  • Asset Price - price to purchase the security.


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