Percentage of Percentage Calculator

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Below is a percentage of percentage calculator, which will calculate the percentage of another percentage. Enter a percentage X% which you take "of" a second percentage Y%, and the tool will tell you the final impact.

Percentage of Percentage Calculator

What is a Percentage of Percentage?

A percentage of percentage comes up when two (or more) percentages interact in a way that you need to determine the final impact.

For example, in investing, you often have an X% claim on something, but may owe Y% in fees, or lose that Y% to some other factor (for example, in accredited investments). You won't know the true effect of the various clauses until you work through percentages of percentages.

Example Percentage of Percentage

Let's say there is a $10,000,000 fund, and you have the rights to 35% of the gains, but pay 20% carry or performance fee. How much would you receive in a year where the fund made $2,000,000?

Stated another way, you take home 80% of 35% of the gains. Here's how it looks:

your\ take=35\%*80\% = .35*.8 = 28\%\ of\ gains\\~\\your\ distribution=.28*\$2,000,000=\$560,000

Using the Percentage of Percentages Calculator

In the entry field at the top, enter the first percentage – the percentage X that you are taking "of" the second percentage. Likewise, in the second box,

When happy, simply hit the Compute Average button below and DQYDJ will find the percentage of percentage, so you can know the final impact.

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