Fuel Cost Calculator – How Much will the Trip Cost?

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On this page is a fuel cost calculator, which lets you estimate the cost of fuel you'll spend on a trip. Enter the trip distance, your cost of fuel, and your vehicle's fuel efficiency and the tool will guess how much you'll spend to power your trip.

Fuel Cost Calculator

Using the Fuel Cost Calculator

The fuel cost calculator is relatively straightforward, but you will have to make a few choices for us to guess at what you'll spend. Please fill in the following fields:

  • Trip Distance (km or mi) - Enter the distance you'll be traveling on the trip, including any excursions you'll take off the main path. You don't need to enter units – the tool will assume miles or kilometers based on what you choose for fuel efficiency.
  • Gas Cost (gal or l) - Enter how much you estimate gas to average over your trip. Use the pulldown menu to select your currency. There's no need to enter gallons or liters; the tool will use your choice under fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel Efficiency - Enter the efficiency of your vehicle, followed by whether it's measured in "kilometers per liters" or "miles per gallon". Note that for the former, the output will be based on kilometers and liters, while for the latter choice it'll be based on miles and gallons.

Fuel Cost Calculator Outputs

Once you're happy with the above inputs, hit the "Compute Fuel Cost" button. The tool will give you two outputs that you can factor into your trip planning:

  • Fuel Used - Based on your inputs, our estimate of how much fuel you'll use over your trip.
  • Cost - Again, based on your inputs, a guess at how much you'll be spending on fuel costs for your trip.

Have a Great Trip!

Hopefully, this was a useful tool to help you budget your fuel costs on your next trip. We wish you safe travels – come back soon, or visit one of our other car, truck, van, and vehicle calculators:



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