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Gas Mileage Calculator – What's the Fuel Efficiency?

On this page is a fuel efficiency or gas mileage calculator, which lets you estimate what fuel efficiency a vehicle […]

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Fuel Cost Calculator – How Much will the Trip Cost?

On this page is a fuel cost calculator, which lets you estimate the cost of fuel you'll spend on a […]

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Log Rule Board Feet Calculator

On this page is a board foot log rule calculator, which will estimate the board foot yield of a log […]

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Pizza Size Comparison Calculator: Pie Value, Compared

On this page is a round pizza size comparison calculator or pizza value calculator. Enter the diameter in inches of two pizzas along […]

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The Love Calculator: How Long Will Your Relationship Last?

In this article, we convert some research on relationship compatibility into an easy to use relationship length and  love calculator. […]

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Mega Millions Expected Value Calculator

Presented on this page is a calculator which allows you to enter some details about an upcoming Mega Millions drawing and receive the tool's best guess of the expected value per ticket purchased. For details, read the article below the calculator.

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