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On this page is a root calculator. Enter your index and radicand (base of the root) to complete an entire radical n√x and we will compute the nth root.

You can use this root calculator to compute square, cubic, and fourth root, but also try the dedicated calculators:

Root Calculator

What is the Root of a Number?

In mathematics, the root (general root) of a number is the number when multiplied by itself "n" times equals the radicand, or base of the radical.

\sqrt[n]{x} =root\ (or)\\root^n=x

In the above equations:

  • n = the index or number of times to multiply (exponent in the lower equation)
  • √ = the radical sign (radix)
  • x = the radicand, or the final value we'd get raising the root to the exponent

Using the Root Calculator

To use the root calculator, merely enter the index (n) of the radical plus the radicand (number under the symbol). Then hit the Compute Root button and we'll compute the nth root for you in the Root box.

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