Author: Bryan Sullivan

Planning a Cashback Strategy

Today, in this low-interest environment, it's ever more critical to find ways to make your money work for you. It's […]

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Combining WiFi and 4G Data for Cheap Phone Calls

Editor: Welcome Bryan back to DQYDJ for his first post in... a long time. Maybe we can convince him to […]

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Ethical Investing: Investing For the Good of Man... Not Just a Man

It appears these days, more than ever, that Ethical Investing is an oxymoron.

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A Lesson on Life: Self-Sufficiency and Reaching for the Stars

“Good morning class. Today we’ll discuss some things that anyone who has passed 6th grade already knows (sorry for those of you that didn’t). Darwinism: Survival of the Fittest (ironically laughing to myself now at those who didn’t). This concept is believed to be what drove life from tiny micro-organisms which emerged spontaneously eons ago to the amazing diversity of life that Earth possesses today. This process appears to be what designed us, what makes us humans the cream that rose to the top. The ironic twist that we run into after the millions of years that it took for us to evolve is the concept of ‘Morality’.”

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