A Lesson on Life: Self-Sufficiency and Reaching for the Stars

October 30th, 2011 by 
Bryan Sullivan

Note from Bryan: This article is not meant to sound arrogant, just satirical inspiration for the blossoming of your own thoughts.

“Good morning class.  Today we’ll discuss some things that anyone who has passed 6th grade already knows.  Darwinism: Survival of the Fittest (ironically laughing to myself now at those who didn’t).  This concept is believed to be what drove life from tiny micro-organisms which emerged spontaneously eons ago to the amazing diversity of life that Earth possesses today.  This process appears to be what designed us, what makes us humans the cream that rose to the top.  The ironic twist that we run into after the millions of years that it took for us to evolve is the concept of ‘Morality’.”


“It is loudly spoken that ‘all men are created equal’ in our very own Constitution, but it was omitted from that document that this fact is actually not true.  The very essence of life as we know it is based on the fact that there is a hierarchy of all living beings.  The quote should actually read that this hierarchy is ever changing and any living being can transcend or move through this hierarchy.  This simple fact is what inspires inspiration itself.  This gives us all a “simple task” from the day we are born, to better ourselves and strive to be the best.  This is where that tricky morality thing comes back into play.”


Charles Darwin's Finches (Wikipedia)

“It doesn’t seem very ‘fair’ that you could be born with 2 really strong legs and I could be born with only 1 weak leg.  In fact, it’s not fair at all, but isn’t that an old saying too?  ‘Life just isn’t fair.’  This realization is what separates humans from animals.  We create government to help keep things fair (however flawed it is in practice) so that we all have the opportunity to better ourselves.  This means that both things need to work hand in hand.  We all have fair opportunity to better ourselves but we must keep the hierarchy in tact so that the need to better ourselves never disappears.”

“It is the government’s duty to level the playing field, that’s all.  Giving handouts and forcing equality is going against nature (our grand designer) itself.  This destroys progress, kills inspiration, and mutilates the very fabric of what it means to be human in the first place.  Please digest the meaning of this “lesson” as it pertains to life, economics, government and how they all intertwine.  Think about the importance of balance.  Rethink what you believe about capitalism, communism, socialism, anarchism, humanitarianism, or libertarianism. "


"I leave you with my own augmented version of another old saying, 'Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day…': 'Give a man self-sufficiency and watch him reach for the stars!'”


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