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My Asset Allocation in June 2020

DQYDJ is – at times – a personal finance web site. One of the ways I keep it personal is by sharing my asset allocation annually. While you may not particularly care for my family's money management and personal financial moves, with the topics DQYDJ covers, I need to be transparent. By sharing our broad portfolio allocation, you can […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender - June 7, 2020

It's been a minute since our last Weekender. Unfortunately, since then, tragedy hit our family directly – I lost my grandmother to COVID a couple of weeks ago. It's the story you've sadly heard before – supposedly, a staff member who later tested positive for COVID-19 brought it into her nursing home. They had been locked […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 4/26/2020: COVID-19 Continues

How are you holding up?  I figured today was a good day to write another contemporaneous "journal" entry. These Weekenders have helped me keep my thoughts straight, plus I've been getting fantastic feedback and anecdotes from you awesome subscribers. (There are 9,300 of you now!)  When this is all over, I hope to go back […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 4/05/2020

Hey folks! Welcome back to the Weekender.  Once again, this one will be dominated by COVID thoughts – skip if you're overloaded; I'll be posting more real content in the coming weeks. Let me remind you again: in Weekenders, I shoot more from the hip. In this post are my contemporaneous thoughts on this wild worldwide pandemic. I'll […]

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The DQYDJ Weekender, 3/15/2020: Reflections on the Markets & COVID-19

Back before I moved heavily into Twitter, DQYDJ used to host a regular series called The Weekender. Instead of fully fleshed-out thoughts like Cameron and I (try to) offer with the rest of the posts, Weekenders let us shoot from the hip with quicker reactions and round-ups of events and links. Obviously – besides the frequent trolling there […]

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A Quick Market Correction, An Inverted Yield Curve, and a Corona

Last week was an interesting week. Fears of the novel coronavirus's spread started coming to a head, and the US stock markets crumbled. As recently as Wednesday, February 19, 2020, the S&P 500 touched an all-time high of 3,393.52. On Friday, February 28, it closed at 2,954.22, down 12.9%. What Does the S&P 500's Fall Mean? In the […]

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And – Just Like That – He Was Gone: Camo, our Dog

This post isn't about finance. If you can't handle the death of a pet, skip this one – we'll see you next post. Our dog died this weekend.  It was recurrent mast cell cancer in the end – but even if it wasn't, a number of his organs were on the precipice of failure. Camo […]

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Key Parts of the Yield Curve Re-Inverted on January 21, 2020

Remember the yield curve inversion? Yeah me too. For most of 2019 until October (when the Federal Reserve cut overnight lending rates for the third time that year) a significant part of the yield curve was inverted. On January 21, 2020, Treasury debt in the 3 year range started yielding less than terms under a […]

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Inflation Expectations in Mid-January 2020

Back in June 2019 we last checked on inflation expectations. Well, at least the kind measured by Treasury Breakevens. In the ensuing months we watched the yield curve un-invert. We witnessed the President's impeachment, an initial trade deal with China, and all manner of international events. And inflation expectations have risen – back up to […]

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Why Did the Fed Lower Interest Rates?

Back on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019, the Federal Reserve lowered the federal funds rate for the first time in eleven years. In future articles, I will discuss why I find this move and its timing peculiar. For now though, I wanted to lay out some short-term implications and how I think this impacts the economy. […]

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