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The First Ten Years of DQYDJ

Where were you ten years ago today? Funnily enough, I know where I was - logged into WordPress for the first time, drafting a blog post about HSA arbitrage. That's right: 10 years ago today on May 24, 2009 DQYDJ published our very first post. The More Things Change... For the last ten years we've […]

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2020 Personal Capital Review: Wealth Management and Net Worth Tracking

Personal Capital is an online platform offering net worth and spending tracking, financial advice, and personal wealth management. This Personal Capital review will cover all the important parts of using the service in 2019 - from tracking to projecting your retirement success. Personal Capital's primary benefits include a detailed view of your portfolio's performance versus […]

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Asset Allocation in 2019

Every year, "conveniently" timed with tax season, we remember that DQYDJ is ostensibly a personal finance site. Let's turn tax-frowns upside down with a post on asset allocation here in in April, 2019. Why bother? It comes back to skin in the game – a phrase recently repopularized by Nassim Taleb. In his book with […]

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2020 M1 Finance Review: Beginner Friendly Hands-Off Investing

With investing, sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. M1 Finance solves that problem. M1 combines a a free account, zero commissions and trading fees, easy-to-use defaults, and no minimum balance in a great robo-advisor which also allows you to override and customize investments where desired. Using M1's easy portfolio allocations (including amazing default […]

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What Was Your Savings Rate in 2018?

Every year, the "blessing" of tax season provides us the "convenient" opportunity to examine our personal financial performance in the previous year. And what is the most important marker of financial performance? I'm glad you asked - I'd argue it's your savings rate. The input to this system is, of course, income. From income, there […]

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A Crucial Part of the Yield Curve Inverted 3/22/2019. What Does it Mean?

The yield curve has been in some type of inversion since December of 2018. In a yield curve inversion, longer dated securities yield less than short term debt. This turns risk on its head - in a well functioning debt market, investors should be paid more to lock up money for a longer time. While […]

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Combining WiFi and 4G Data for Cheap Phone Calls

Editor: Welcome Bryan back to DQYDJ for his first post in... a long time. Maybe we can convince him to write more often? Take it away... It's not easy finding ways to squeeze every penny when we're so engrossed in constant necessary daily activities. We're no amateurs. We're the ones that check our budgets, check […]

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Proudly Revealing The Latest DQYDJ Redesign

We're so proud to announce the latest incarnation of Don't Quit Your Day Job.... By the time you read these words, our new design has been up for more than 24 hours and served content to over 10,000 people. Executive Summary: Changes on DQYDJ The stylistic changes on the DQYDJ front end are the most […]

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The Relationship Between Bear Markets and Rate Hikes

In a recent post we looked at the relationship between recessions and bear markets. In this post we'll take it a step further and look at the relationship between the Federal Funds Target Rate and bear markets. Specifically, we'll look at hiking cycles (as the Federal Reserve was in December 2018) versus S&P 500 bear […]

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Which Yield Curve Should You Watch?

In our last post on the yield curve inverting we discussed differences between a few terms. Specifically, the 5 Year Treasury and the 3 Year and 2 Year Treasury have inverted in recent days. As of 12/07, the 1 year threatens to join the inversion party; 5s1s now sit at a mere .02% difference: 5s3s, […]

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