The First Ten Years of DQYDJ

May 24th, 2019 by 

Where were you ten years ago today?

Funnily enough, I know where I was - logged into WordPress for the first time, drafting a blog post about HSA arbitrage.

That's right: 10 years ago today on May 24, 2009 DQYDJ published our very first post.

The More Things Change...

For the last ten years we've published 1 - 3 posts a week on finance, economics, investing, health and (even) fantasy football. Our editorial calendar has never stayed consistent; we've gone through annual phases of research, interactive tool-building, and reacting to current events.

Don't Quit Your Day Job... has even changed its look quite a few times over the years.

Most recently, we moved to the current design in January:

Our consistently inconsistent wardrobe.

The context behind our posts has changed too. We weathered the Great Depression (the impetus for the site), we've moved houses, and cities, and – yes – even day jobs. Between we three original authors we now count 2 wives and 3 children. We've written through - ahem - two extremely different Presidential styles.

But what's interesting is how much we're similar to 2009.

We're still eager to help, contrarian, slightly irreverent, and – we hope you agree – a unique read. We consistently deliver tools and research you won't find anywhere else on the internet. We continually blur the lines between a web resource and a simple blog. And we do this all with a smile on our faces.

We've always aimed to bring you something different on this site. I am confident we've succeeded.

DQYDJ: A Humbling Success

The most exhilarating aspect of building DQYDJ over the last decade has been, without a doubt, having you readers along for the ride.

The site has succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. Around a million and a half of you have checked in on this humble site already this year. Every day we are awed by your overwhelming support, and it still feels like we cheated somehow to get here.

150+ calculators, 1,200+ posts, thousands of comments, tens of thousands of daily visits, and millions of unique users later – and we're just getting started. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the support.

It's been quite the journey.

Stay Tuned for Our Ten Year Gift to You...

I did plan to roll out a gift to you all to mark the occasion.

Edit: we built an updated Stock Return Calculator for your enjoyment!

(And subscribe if you haven't yet)

Don't Quit Your Day Job...

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