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While our most popular content is usually our interactive tools, the bread and butter of this site is our research and data. Find esoteric data sets, reference materials, and more than a few proxy data series in these original research posts.

The DQYDJ Bookstack

The bulk of our popular content is research posts. We have hundreds of posts in this vein on DQYDJ (more than those we're highlighting on this page).

Some of these posts contain downloadable or copyable data sets, others are just a snapshot at some point in time. Still more are research on interesting topics - such as our paradox and bias series.

Ready to get lost in our archives? Have fun with the research posts!

Economics Research

We like to ask questions that matter – and a fair amount of questions that don't. Here's most of the economic research we've embarked on over the years, on everything from net worth, income, and retirement to weekly hours of work.

Investing Research

When you evaluate your own investments, you naturally wonder about the relationship between various indices and indicators. In our time with DQYDJ we've taken a look at some of those relationships... to varying degrees of success.

Finance Research

Outside of your investments, a holistic approach to your finances requires a focus on... well, finances. Whether it's the tax code, retirement planning, or the shape of earnings over a career we've got you covered.

Personal Research

Personal research entails looking at scenarios which you might face as an individual. Here we highlight research on topics like side jobs, gambling, and having a high savings rate.

Bias, Paradox, and Illusion Research

The key to oh so many things is to understand yourself. Humans aren't perfectly rational or efficient; we take shortcuts and apply heuristics which often lead us astray. These posts look at some of our shortcomings and blind spots in the form of illusions, biases, and paradoxes.

Demographic Research

For now, we usually expose our demographic research in calculators and tools. However, we have done extensive research on developers – a profession close to our hearts.

Random Research

When we couldn't find an appropriate category, we cheated and put our research in the random section. Have at it!

Product Reviews and Research

We love reviewing products and services which add value or make things a little less painful. From health to finance to consumer services, we've reviewed many products over the years.

So Many Numbers, So Little Time

The nice thing about the internet is we'll never run out of interesting data to slice and numbers to run. Even Don't Quit Your Day Job... itself generates fun numbers for us to take some deep dives.

Make sure you keep visiting this page, and perhaps more importantly - let us know which topics you're most interested in learning more about.

Don't Quit Your Day Job...

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