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Why Did the Fed Lower Interest Rates?

Back on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019, the Federal Reserve lowered the federal funds rate for the first time in eleven […]

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2022 Fundrise Review: Passive Income through Real Estate Crowdfunding

Fundrise offers a low-cost way for you – or anyone – to achieve diversification in real estate in an easy, […]

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2022 Personal Capital Review: Wealth Management and Net Worth Tracking

Personal Capital is an online platform offering net worth and spending tracking, financial advice, and personal wealth management. This Personal […]

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My 2017 Savings Rate

At DQYDJ, tax season has us recently rolling out our annual savings rate. The personal finance blogosphere constantly emphasizes its […]

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My 2018 Asset Allocation

In honor of tax season, we at DQYDJ annually post savings rate and asset allocation summaries. Unfortunately, I find mine […]

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A Linear Scale and Round Numbers are Misleading While Investing

When viewed on a linear scale over a long enough time period, large American Stock Index graphs look almost vertical. […]

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Where Does 2018 Rank in Annual S&P 500 Returns?

The S&P 500 and the broader equity markets continue to outperform and have seen annual inflation-adjusted 15.8% returns from March […]

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Hurricane Harvey and Gas Prices: What is Price Gouging?

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas last Wednesday, dumping more than forty inches of rain on much of Southern Texas. […]

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Clustering Illusion and Anchoring to Outliers

Humans have an evolutionary incentive to recognize patterns. The same mechanisms that helped early humans avoid snakes and other predators […]

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Anchoring and Adjusting to Numbers

Anchoring or the Anchoring Bias is the human tendency to evaluate or "anchor" numbers based on their presentation.  Observers and […]

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