Hedge Your Gas Prices – Calculate ETF Hedging

I know, this is a topic we here at DQYDJ have covered before... specifically back on July 2nd, 2009 when gas was averaging the incredible price of $2.63.  This specific article was inspired by the recent comeback gas prices have made - gas today average $3.33 a gallon nationwide, according to Fuel Gauge Report from AAA.  However, today we're going to give you the opportunity to calculate what it would take for you to hedge your gas prices with our nifty gas price hedging calculator!

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Carnivals and Links, Week of February 21, 2011

Wow, a new leaf has been turned over! We here at DQYDJ submitted articles to carnivals 2 weeks in a row! This week, go check out the 297th edition of the Personal Finance Carnival at Money Smart Life. There you'll see Cameron's article "Skill Based Inequality Due to Technology" in the Economics section

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Simpson's Paradox: Why Averages Aren't Everything!

In this article, Cameron Daniels explains that the small decrease in poverty levels from 13.3% to 12.8% from 1967 to 2003 (36 years!) is not so bad as it initially seems as Simpson's Paradox rears his ugly head.

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Blog Carnival, Week of 2/14/11

Guess what, we here at DQYDJ actually submitted to a blog carnival this last week! I know it's been a while, but it seemed like a good idea with a freshly written personal finance article, "USNews Chimes in with some 'Radical' Tips!" Without further ado, please visit the 295th Carnival of Personal Finance... and note we made it into Pride's category, the mother of all sins! Thanks Taking Charge!

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Inflation Update, 1/31/11

We haven't looked at inflation expectations since November 15! Quantitative easing, historically low interest rates, and a rise in consumer spending haven't been enough to increase inflation past a tame (again, historically low) 0.7% since December of 2009. However, we live in the real world and even if we were spared from inflation's clutches today, we might not be so lucky in the future. On that note, let's look at the market's inflation expectations - which we calculate by subtracting the Treasury's Daily Real Curve Rates from the Daily Treasury Yield Curve.

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Sticky Wages

Sticky wages are more than a disgusting check you receive from your employer - employees are likely to not want to take a job for less money than one they worked previously. Sticky wages are one of the reasons that recessions can last a long time, sort of like the 'Great Recession' of the recent past. Even though the recession is officially over, high employment still exists, and a number of economic indicators still are at shaky levels. Anecdotally, there are many examples of people who took lower paying jobs in order to get back to work, however the official data shows that wages stayed flat or even rose, even throughout the recession.

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Facebook vs the IPO

(Updated with information on Facebook's potential IPO in April 2012). Remember back just a few short years ago when the ultimate goal of a start-up in Silicon Valley was to either get bought out (by a public company) or to go public? The first internet bubble saw companies like Amazon and eBay make their debuts, but it also relegated other companies to the history books:,, and As a result of new regulations and laws (a major piece being the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002), an Initial Public Offering may not be the glamorous exit strategy it once was. A perfect example most of us have experience with? Facebook.

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Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment to wish a Merry Christmas to all of our Christian readers out there (happy holidays to the rest of you, of course!) from us here at DQYDJ.

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The Dark Side of Education

Ever known someone who you really wondered how they got the job he or she had? You know the type, someone who is incredibly qualified on paper yet just couldn't seem to back up their pedigree on the spot. Someone who just made you wonder... how did this happen? As you have now guessed... this article is about academic integrity.

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Racial Bias in Foul Rates among NBA Referees

In early May 2007, a study gained publicity that claimed NBA referees altered their habits of calling fouls based on the racial makeup of the offending players. Maria Rainier helped write an article about discrimination in gender, I felt that it would be appropriate to continue the discussion with a look at racial bias.

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