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Octal Calculator

On this page is an octal calculator, which lets you to add, subtract, divide, or multiply 2 octal numbers. Octal […]

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Hexadecimal Calculator

Here is a hexadecimal calculator. Enter any two hexadecimal numbers and it will allow you to add, subtract, divide, or […]

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Binary Calculator

Below is a binary calculator, which will allow you to add, subtract, divide, or multiply 2 binary numbers. Binary Calculator […]

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Range Calculator

Below is an range calculator, which will take an array of numbers you input to the tool and tell you […]

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Fraction Exponent Calculator

Just below is a fraction exponent calculator. In this tool, raise a base to the power of a fraction, n/d […]

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Comparing Fractions Calculator – Which is Bigger and Smaller?

Here is a comparing fractions calculator. On this page, you can enter two fractions and the tool will return which […]

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Fractions Calculator – Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract

This page contains a fractions calculator. Enter two fractions and choose whether to add, subtract, multiple, or divide the fractions. […]

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Equivalent Fractions Calculator - What Other Fractions are Equal?

This page contains an equivalent fractions calculator. Enter a fraction and we'll reduce it to its simplest fraction form, and […]

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Fraction to Ratio Calculator

On this page is a fraction to ratio calculator. Enter your fraction, and we will convert it to a ratio […]

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Ratio to Fraction Calculator

On this page is a ratio to fraction calculator. Enter your ratio in the form X:Y and the tool will […]

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