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What Are the Most Common Side Jobs in America?

Whether you call it a side job, part time work, or a side hustle, Americans are an industrious bunch. How industrious? According to the 2017 Federal Reserve SHED, almost 31% of us work some sort of side job. Let's explore the most common side jobs in America. Popular Side Jobs in America By far, selling […]

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How Much Do Early Retirees – Or Extremely Early Retirees – Have Saved?

In this post, we'll look at early retirees - and some of their extreme early retiree counterparts. How much do they have saved for retirement? How do they differ from the general population? Let's find out using the 2017 Federal Reserve Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking. Savings of American Early Retirees The SHED has […]

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On Track Retirement Doubts: What's a Spending Goal?

Today we're honored to host a guest post from the inimitable Nelson Smith from Canadian Dividend Investing on DQYDJ. Enjoy! Each week, Canada's Globe and Mail (think of it as our country's own New York Times, complete with the paywall and 14 opinion writers who have the most inane thoughts on things) features a couple […]

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Early Retirement: How Common – Or Rare – Is It?

In a recent post, we argued that 55 years old as the early retirement age cutoff in America. In this post, we'll look at how rare early retirement is in the US. As a preview, 24.29% of current living retirees report retiring before age 56. Number Retiring by Age of Living American Retirees in 2017 […]

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What is the Early Retirement Age? Examining Government and Popular Opinion

The early retirement age, so to speak, is in dispute – specifically, someone needs to answer: what is early retirement? Is it 62? 50? There actually isn't a stock answer (as you probably expected). However, we consider 55 as the cutoff age for early retirement. Here's why. What is the Early Retirement Age? There are […]

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Retirement Planning: How Do Americans Pay For Retirement?

In this post we use 2017 Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking microdata to see how do Americans pay for retirement, and also look at what is retirement. Hopefully this data is useful for your own retirement planning! How Do Americans Pay For Retirement? A SHED series of questions enumerated retirement funding sources and asked […]

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Why Do Americans Retire?

In our average retirement age in the United States piece we briefly discussed retiring for health reasons... then didn't dive deeper. Through the lens of 2017 Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking responses, today we'll evaluate retirement reasons for the living retiree population. We'll touch both why do Americans retire as well as craft a […]

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Average Retirement Age in the United States

The average retirement age in the United States among currently living retirees was 59.88 years old. The median living retiree left work at 62 years old, and the most common age to retire was 62 years old. 18.7% of retirees retired at age 62, and a whopping 63.1% retired between the ages of 57 and […]

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What is the Early Retirement Age and How Common is Early Retirement?
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Do Americans Feel On-Track for Retirement?

In other posts, we looked at how American households compare to savings target multiples by age and the dollar amount they've saved for retirement. Now we'll examine American opinions of retirement savings in 2017... and see if people feel they're on-track for retirement. American Savings Survey: Are They On-Track for Retirement The first thing you'll […]

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