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If You Always Maxed Out Your IRA How Much Money Would You Have?

The Individual Retirement Account or IRA is an excellent tax free account available to most American workers. Unlike 401(k)s, IRAs are completely portable and usually have fewer restrictions on the number of investments they allow. They unfortunately come with smaller contribution limits than 401(k)s. Still, most people don't take full advantage of the accounts... so we […]

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Should You Focus on Spending Less or Earning More?

One of the age old arguments in personal finance is the relative priority of earn more or save less. Since there are only two ways to increase your savings – earning more money or spending less of what you have – you do, unfortunately have to prioritize. Let's pick up the gauntlet: should you focus […]

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What are the Magical Saving Rate Breakpoints?

One question we get quite a bit is related to the fundamentals of saving: is there a magic savings rate? In the past we’ve looked at the ideal savings rate. There we suggested 20% as a minimum savings rate, with the caveat you should save more if you can. Interestingly, there are also some magical […]

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How Much Do Americans Earn From Side Jobs?

In one post we looked at the time Americans spend on side activities. In this post we'll try paint a clearer picture of how serious side jobs are. Let's examine how much Americans earn doing side work. How Much Do Americans Earn From Side Jobs? While researching the prevalence of side jobs and income earned […]

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How Much Time Do Americans Spend on Side Jobs?

We've looked at the most common side jobs in America as well as why Americans work side jobs. In this post we'll look at the time spent on side jobs by Americans. American Adult Time Spent on Side Jobs One of the more surprising numbers we've seen is that 30.7% of American adults earn some […]

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Why Do Americans Work Side Jobs?

In the last post, we looked at the most popular side jobs worked by Americans in 2017. As the most logical followup, in this post we'll look at why Americans worked side jobs. Once again, data comes from the 2017 Federal Reserve Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking. Why Do Americans Work Side Jobs? One […]

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Why Do People Work Side Jobs?

In our last post we looked at the most common side jobs among American adults. Perhaps surprisingly, around 31% of all adults work some sort of a side job, doing anything from renting out property or time to selling things online. In this post we'll go a step deeper and try to answer why people […]

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What Are the Most Common Side Jobs in America?

Whether you call it a side job, part time work, or a side hustle, Americans are an industrious bunch. How industrious? According to the 2017 Federal Reserve SHED, almost 31% of us work some sort of side job. Let's explore the most common side jobs in America. Popular Side Jobs in America By far, selling […]

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How Much Do Early Retirees – Or Extremely Early Retirees – Have Saved?

In this post, we'll look at early retirees - and some of their extreme early retiree counterparts. How much do they have saved for retirement? How do they differ from the general population? Let's find out using the 2017 Federal Reserve Survey of Household Economics and Decisionmaking. Savings of American Early Retirees The SHED has […]

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On Track Retirement Doubts: What's a Spending Goal?

Today we're honored to host a guest post from the inimitable Nelson Smith from Canadian Dividend Investing on DQYDJ. Enjoy! Each week, Canada's Globe and Mail (think of it as our country's own New York Times, complete with the paywall and 14 opinion writers who have the most inane thoughts on things) features a couple […]

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