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Savings Rate Calculator

This page has a step by step savings rate calculator, which will help you easily compute your savings rate to […]

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How to Calculate Your Savings Percentage

This article will detail how to calculate your savings rate and emulate our method of calculating our own.  We will […]

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Pay Down Debt or Invest the Cash?

A common financial topic begging for answers is whether to pay down debt or invest.  Over much of the internet, […]

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Should You Ignore Inflation in Investment Returns?

No, you shouldn't ignore inflation in stock returns. Well, actually - when you go to pay taxes on a sold […]

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Is Increased Savings Good or Bad For the Economy?

We'll get to the point early: increased savings is good for the economy. The most likely forms your increased savings […]

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Average Drawdowns of Wealth for American Retirees

This article looks at wealth drawdowns for American retirees. We examine net worth data for heads of households with age […]

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The Net Worth of American Retirees

Editor: we updated this data for 2016 SCF data. Continuing our little series on American Net Worth secrets revealed by […]

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Work Harder, Earn More: 2013 Incomes by Hours Worked

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." […]

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What is the Savings Rate in Other Countries?

Savings articles tend to be among the most popular articles here on DQYDJ (as in our most popular savings article […]

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Emergency Funds are Overrated: Part Three of Three

(Read parts one and two in the emergency funds series) In the first two articles, I covered: How important it […]

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