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Should I Quit Work to Go to Graduate School?

Today please welcome guest poster Jason Hull. He'll go over all of the details you need to answer that age-old question: should you quit work to go to graduate school? Should You Quit Work to Go to Graduate School? “A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if […]

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Ideal Savings Rate Calculator for Retirement Planning or FIRE

We have written about your ideal savings rate.  Today, we follow through on what we promised to you - a fully editable ideal savings rate calculator which allows you to put the lessons you learned in our first post into action! The most important inputs to early retirement are your savings rate, and how much […]

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How Much Income Should You Save? What's the Best Savings Rate?

When it comes to setting your Retirement or Financial Independence date, the most important variable in your control is your savings rate. Which is fitting, because people often land here after asking "what is the best savings rate?". Let's  work through the variables and try to come to an understanding of the ideal savings rate. […]

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Should You Care About Income When You Choose a Major?

In light of a weak job market, massive student loans debts, increasing loan defaults, more 20-somethings living at home, and, on top of it all, spiraling college costs... it's far past time to ask: Should you care about potential earnings when you choose a major? This site is no stranger to wandering into controversial topics […]

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Should You Major In Photography?

Back in 2012, we were posed an innocent question: is it worth it to major in photography? The data has changed, but our prescription is the same: it's not worth the cost of a four year degree. Forgive the old data (or adjust it forward for inflation), but look at the relative merits of the […]

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Personal Finance 101 - Personal Finance Basics in Under an Hour

I wanted to take the time to write down all of the personal finance basics as I see them, to create a great resource and easily linked article so you - and your friends - can learn everything without having to search.  This post came after years of studying the field, and writing for this […]

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Beating the Lottery: When Math (Not Gambling) Pays Off

Today we're going to tell a story about something you've always wanted to do - beat the lottery.  Subtitle it: Massachusetts Oddsmakers Meet High Volume Betting and Lose. Lottery Tickets as a Form of Investing? Have you ever walked into a gas station or a convenience store and, on a whim, purchased a few scratch […]

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How Do You Compare to Other Americans in Tobacco and Alcohol Spending?

A few weeks back we ran an article that you all seemed to love about how much Americans spend on food.  We here at DQYDJ recognize that food isn't the only thing Americans consume - many Americans also drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes and cigars. Perhaps you're one of those Americans? Here's how you stack […]

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What Does it Mean to be Retired?

The internet likes to talk about two competing terms – Financial Independence and Retirement. Sometimes they combine them in an acronym FIRE, which stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. But: what exactly does retirement mean?  How about financial independence? Where does the difference lie? There is a huge battle over what, exactly, it means to be 'Retired', […]

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How Do You Stack Up to Other Americans in Monthly Food Spending?

Ever wonder how much money the average American spends on food?  Eating out?  Making food at home?  How about monthly?  Care about how the 1% spend their monthly food budgets? We've got you covered! This data was released in early 2013, and tracks spending in 2011.  Click through if you access this article in a […]

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