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  1. I buy every meal I eat and am still convinced it costs less. You have to account for how guys do not know how to shop and most of the food goes bad. I also bought handharvested blueberries at the market for 10$. I get sucked into healthy organic food when I normally wouldn’t when eating out.

  2. Or work for a company that serves you free breakfast and lunch. Calculate the savings on that! WIN.

  3. Don’t buy organic then. A lot of people buy the organic food for fears of carcinogens or other dietary reasons. Most fruits have seasons as well: apples in the fall and most of the berries in the summer. December 4th blueberries will be extremely expensive.

    Also, if you buy less / shop more frequently the problem of spoiling is not that bad. The only issue is of preparation time, but waking up an extra ten minutes in the morning to make lunch may pay off health/time/money wise later in the day.