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Here you'll find past annual investment return data, including contemporaneous commentary and dividend math. For the newest data (and other investment tools), visit the Investing page.

2013 S&P 500 Return

32.39% was the 2013 S&P 500 Return, not the 29.60% you'll see quoted on tons of other sites. We told you last year, but we'll obnoxiously repeat the lesson once again: dividends matter.  While every other web site on the internet gives you the price returns of the S&P 500, we do the extra step […]

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2012 S&P 500 Return

When people quote the returns of the S&P 500, they like to use the 'price return', as if price returns are the only way that stocks in the S&P 500 can make you money.  As you can tell by my sarcastic writing - you're neglecting a pretty big portion of returns - namely, in the […]

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